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Kirby Family Vet
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Health services for your dogs, birds and cats.

Veterinary services offered at our San Antonio, TX clinic.

Kirby Family Vet is a full-service animal hospital offering comprehensive veterinary care services.

Allergy Testing  
Cat Friendly Handling 
Our team practices cat friendly handling techniques to ensure that your cat is comfortable during their visit. These techniques include seeing cats in dedicated "cat" rooms and using equipment for cats that has not been used on dogs. We also incorporate Fear Free handling techniques for cats including wrapping them in towels and blankets and using cat pheromones to promote calming. We even offer treats to cats - mini marshmallows are a big hit!
Cold Laser Therapy 
Prophylactic dental cleanings are recommended annually for most pets. By three years of age, most dogs and cats have a significant level of periodontal disease. Your veterinarian will recommend dental cleanings based on what is most appropriate for your pet's lifestage and lifestyle.
Skin conditions are one of the most common issues we contend with in veterinary medicine. Between infections, allergies, parasites, and neoplastic conditions, we see a wide range of skin disease and are well-equipped to treat your pet with the most current diagnostic tests and medications available.
Diagnostic Ultrasound 
Ultrasound is a complementary modality to radiography, and they are often used together for the best evaluation of a patient. Our team offers high quality in-house diagnostic ultrasounds in a number of different ways. In critical situations, we may use our ultrasound to evaluate the severity or extent of trauma by looking for internal bleeding or compromised bowel. We also use our ultrasound to look for cancer, evaluate heart disease, look for foreign material within the stomach or intestines, and even to look for things like bladder stones. Our doctors have spent years becoming proficient in their ultrasound techniques to best serve you and your pet.
Digital Radiography 
Exotics/Avian/Wildlife Care 
Extractions & Oral Surgery  
General Surgery  
Nutrition Consultations  
Palliative & Hospice Care  
Pet Vaccinations 
Vaccinations are recommended for several preventable and communicable diseases, some of which can be transmitted to people. Our veterinarians will recommend the appropriate vaccinations for your pet's lifestage and lifestyle.
Physical Examinations 
Routine Bloodwork  
Routine bloodwork is critical to identifying early changes in your pet's health. 1 in 7 young adult dogs and cats, 1 in 5 seniors, and 2 in 5 geriatrics have significant findings on routine blood screenings that require follow up and/or treatment.
Spays & Neuters  
Spaying and neutering your pets at the appropriate lifestage is extremely important for population control, prevention of undesirable behavior issues, and for prevention of several conditions including cancer.
Wellness & Preventative Care  
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No more side eye from fido.

No one likes going to the doctor’s office, especially your pet. We strive to make our clinic feel like your home away from home. Our experienced animal care staff handle patients gently and work hard to create an environment free of fear and anxiety. We want your pet to relax during their visit — so you can too.

“I have been going to this Vet for 2 years now. All the staff are super friendly, the Vet is very knowledgeable, and it is very affordable. I have nothing but good things to say, and I can not recommend them enough. You won’t be disappointed.”

—Tami B.

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